The world day of environmental education is celebrated

on January 26.

Climate change, the disappearance of animal species or pollution are issues that concern us all and on which we have to develop our sense of responsibility to adopt measures and habits that are being declared urgent.

The intention of the msbb is to generate an impact on the mentality of our visitors through the works of contemporary art that are set out here with the aim of promoting greater sensitivity and awareness of the care of the environment.

Works like The Shrine, in which it seems that we enter a new world of plastic, generates contradictory feelings: on the one hand, the beauty of the work contrasts with the material it is made of, plastic waste, and with its critical meaning with the consumer society and the negative consequences that this lifestyle has for the health of the planet.

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Located in Alcudia, Majorca, Spain, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) is a museum fully integrated in a Protected Area declared Wildlife Sanctuary.
msbb - Sa Bassa Blanca Museum


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