February 23th Sa Bassa Blanca Mueum offers an open day

to celebrate the Day of the Balearic Islands. Free of charge between 10 am and 3 pm our visitors can enjoy the NINS Portrait Collection, the Sokrates exhibition, the sculpture park and the rose garden.

Families can enjoy a scavenger hunt, in which they will discover that works of art invite us to reflect on environmental problems. At the end of the activity you will find a work of art in process of construction, in which we invite visitors to participate by providing their bottle of plastic, glass or tin.

In addition to some surprises in the sculpture park, visitors will be able to discover two portraits expressly exhibited for the occasion in the NINS gallery. It is "La niña de las cerezas"(the cherries girl), by the Mallorcan painter Juan Mestre Bosch and another portrait of the Mallorcan school that represents the Montaner and Zanglada brothers.

The portrait of Mrs. Maria Ana, Mr. Nicolas and Mr. José de Montaner and Zanglada is a sample of the new style that extended from the middle of the XVIII century. The Bourbons replace the Austrian dynasty in the Spain Court with the coronation of Felipe V, grandson of Louis XIV. Due to the new King, French painters arrived at the Spanish Court and with them came the taste for a new aesthetic and new attitudes more permissive and optimistic according to the custom of the neighboring country. A clear example of this new aesthetic are the powdered wigs worn by infants, a complement that became fashionable after 1715.

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