Widely travelled and beautiful: in the museum hang two original

paintings by the Australian painter Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (1932-2002) – one of the most important Aboriginal Artists. Born on Napperby Station, north-west of Alice Springs, he started carving and decorating boomerangs and bullroarers, an ancient ritual musical instrument, for sale to tourists.

In the 50s Clifford was moved to a new settlement at Papunya where he became a member of Geoffrey Bardons’ group of artists. The art teacher Bardon went on to encourage the adult men of the community to paint their Honey Ant Dreaming on the school wall, preserving their traditional Dreamings and stories in paint.

The picture that msbb visitors can see on the ground floor of the Hassan Fathy House is called Ngarripi, Worm Dreaming (Acrylic on canvas, 1994). The “Worm Dreaming” is associated with Ngarripi, 100 kilometers east of Mount Allan. The undulating lines simultaneously depict the tracks of the warm as it burrows underground as well as the travels of the Ancestral Warm Men as they moved across the earth in mythological times. This design was drawn from body paint designs for ceremony and sand painting.

In the photo: Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri; together with his family and the collector Arnaud Serval (in the middle), an enthusiast of Aboriginal Art.

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