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James Turrell at Almine Rech Shanghai  is opening today November 5 till December 21, 2019 in Shanghai.

Almine Rech is presenting a new experiential light work by James Turrell, created on the occasion of his first solo show at the gallery’s Shanghai space. Opening on November 5, 2019, the presentation will feature a work from the artist’s ongoing Wide Glass series, begun in 2004. The show marks the 11th solo exhibition of James Turrell organized by Almine Rech since 1989.

Msbb is proud to display the seminal early work of James Turrell, “Juke Blue” dated 1968, the only installation of the artist in the island and the second in Spain, the other one being “Second Wind”, 2005, NMAC Foundation, Vejar de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain.

Turrell’s concept of a Tall Glass or Wide Glass is a unique aperture—rectangular or elliptical, horizontal or vertical—in which the light changes slowly over the course of several hours through the use of translucent materials. In the past, Turrell’s Tall and Wide Glass works were realized in neon, but for the last 15 years the artist has turned to LED technologies, which allow for richer hues and a lower light level, offering the artist more freedom as to what shapes, transitions, and color combinations he can include within the series.

The works in this series are the result of Turrell’s research, started in the mid 1960s, on light as a material that affects perception of the human eye. Combined with this is the artist’s past 10 years of research on applying computer programming to his work. This technique is an aspect that Turrell developed for light works conceived for buildings, such as the Zug train station in Switzerland or the Peugeot Design Center in France.

The new work Turrell will debut at Almine Rech Shanghai builds upon his earlier Wide Glass works, further evolving the series on the occasion of his presentation with the gallery. The installation reflects the artist’s unique ability to manipulate light and space, transforming the gallery into an immersive environment that engages viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception. •

James Turrell, City of Light , 2019, 121 x 213 cm, 47 3/5 x 83 7/8 inches. © James Turrell - Photo: Alessandro Wang, Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech. •

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James Turrell at Almine Rech Shanghai is opening today November 5 till December 21, 2019 in Shanghai.



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