Under the title "Music of the Mind," the Tate Modern in London will showcase Yoko Ono's creations in various disciplines until September 1st, offering a unique perspective on the influential artist's more than seven decades of work. Featuring over 200 pieces, the exhibition provides a comprehensive portrait of the artist through installations, objects, videos, photographs, sculptures, documents on her performances, music, and artistic endeavors throughout her career. This retrospective is the most extensive ever held in the UK about her.

Since the 1950s, with her early exhibitions in New York, Yoko Ono has been associated with conceptualism, a movement that advocates for the idea that the concepts behind a work carry more weight than the work itself, emphasizing the importance of the meaning the artist intends to convey.

At the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum, you can also enjoy iconic works by the artist, such as 'War is Over!' and the 'Wish Tree.' Discover them on your next visit!


1. Yoko Ono with Yannick and Ben Jakober. Photograph: Archive

2. 'War is Over!' (2009), Sa Bassa Blanca Museum. Photograph: Archive

3. Yoko Ono visiting the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum. Photograph: Archive

1993-06-09--YOKO ONO BJ AND YV .jpeg

2014-09-03-War is over 4.jpeg

1995-Yoko 2 copia.jpeg


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