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"Singular Moroccan artists"

Within the scope of promoting interest in art and culture, the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum produces activities and exhibitions in some of its spaces. At the moment in the main building by the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, the exhibition "Singular Moroccan Artists" is an example: comprising 54 works by 28 artists and 1 Boucharouite carpet.

The artists in this exhibition in the vast majority linked to the region of Essaouira, without having received any academic or classic training have succeeded in generating a self-taught iconography and plasticity in their works that allow us to dream and discover a spirit that we could call "the African sensitivity".

As Corrado Levi (artist, collector and Italian art critic) states: "this group of artists is linked to magical guilds and the rhythmic and obsessive music of their ceremonies, which brings them to a State of trance and, sometimes, also cures illnesses, reaching a second State of the psyche."

These works open the door to a wonderful world of a great complexity of shapes and symbols. In this case, through these parts, the Viewer may come close to these artists that are a reflection of a very unique way of seeing and feeling the world.

"All of them are interpreters of a message they carry within themselves that they need to communicate. Innate awareness and a safe hand paint these fantastic compositions which are a chromatic translation of their reality and their dreams."- Yannick Vu.

All these works are presented in an idyllic environment in which art, nature and heritage coexist and fully complement each other. 


From top to bottom and left to right, the works are by the following artists:

-Youssef Aït Tazarin, Hamou Aït Tazarin, Ali Maimoune, Htihet

-Mohamed Tabal, Youssef Aït Tazarin, Ali Maimoune, general view of the First Floor space


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