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One of the most magical and special experiences at Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) is an excursion to the Observatory, that can be reached after 15 minutes climbing the hill (with appropriate footwear). Located on the hill overlooking the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum park, one first encounters three large columns installed by the artist Ben Jakober that establish a dialogue with the two chimneys of the former electric generation plant of GESA at Puerto de Alcúdia and a third one at their new site at La Murtera. They create a link of opposites between hill and plain, sky and sea, the industrial and the artistic...

Next to the columns we find an old restored military Observatory built during the Civil War that guards the access to the Bay of Alcudia. On its roof dominating the entire bay, "Figura" by Ben Jakober / Yannick Vu, greets the visitor. Entering the first room we step into the mirrored installation Aquarium by Ben Jakober / Yannick Vu that immerse the spectator in a limitless world with the infinite image refractions of a dazzling array of LED lights and his own reflection.

In the lower room, another visual experience awaits the visitor: the Camera Obscura installation by photographer Nilu Izadi, consisting of a completely darkened room in which the light enters through a lens placed in the façade. The exterior landscape –the bay of Alcudia and the islet of Alcanada– are inversely and neatly projected on a white, concave screen on the opposite wall. This facility allows us to become familiar with the basic concepts of cinema and photography.

The Camera Obscura theory and its phenomenon have an important place in art world history. This "Observatory" is open to the public by appointment only, an exclusive and outstanding activity for small groups of up to six people prepared and equipped for a short excursion. 

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-Figura, Tres Columnas, Observatory Entrance, Aquarium

-Camera Obscura, Alcanada Islet, Vitrail, Little Child's Electric Shocker





Located in Alcudia, Majorca, Spain, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) is a museum fully integrated in a protected area declared Wildlife Sanctuary.
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