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It can be said that the art and indeed environment of Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) could be considered a “Gesamtkunstwerk” or “Comprehensive Artwork” or perhaps more immodestly “Total or Universal Work of Art”. The German terminology is attributed to Richard Wagner describing in 1849 a work of art that integrates music, theatre and the visual arts; Michelangelo, from his side, saw no strict division between architecture, interior design, sculpture, painting and engineering.

Jean-Hubert Martin in his 2016 Grand Palais catalogue of the exhibition called “Carambolages” wrote: “Artworks of different times, styles and countries are present in a circuit where each work leads to the next by an association of ideas or forms. The creations of diverse origins, some by known artists, others anonymous, dialogue on a path that defies our traditional approach to the history of art.”

In our case perhaps “Unified art work” is a more apt translation? Why could this be applied to msbb The Bassa Blanca Museum? There are many different facets to the art present, but all have been gathered together by the same hands and although apparently eclectic do come together in a mysterious way. The underground Sokrates space itself is perhaps the most evident example of this because of the juxtaposition of old and new art – archaic artefacts, African, Eastern and Central American masks are in dialogue with a prehistoric fossil, and contemporary masters. That space in turn projects an echo to the giant granite animals inspired by ancient representations, assembled like a zoo in the sculpture park. Again, the main museum building named "Hassan Fathy" is in itself a great work of art and assembles an array of installations and objects including Moroccan paintings, a collection of chairs and photographs of famous artists like the wellknown majorcan artist Miquel Barceló, the swiss artist Meret Oppenheim among others, who cohabit harmoniously, one relating  to the next one. The Nins portrait collection is an interrogation about destiny and identity and these budding promises in turn connect to the blooms in the rose-garden of the msbb.

The protected area property of 16 hectares between sea and mountain harbours all the above and was chosen because of its tremendous potential. It has been transformed using autochthonous flora in an unobtrusive way and is being kept with tender loving care in total respect of the environment.

So, if you will allow us to do so, we will refer to our museum as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”.  It is the realization of a dream that we are happy to share with you.

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